North Carolina QDRO

What is a QDRO?

QDRO or QUADRO is the legal acronym for "qualified domestic relations order." This is a court order that assigns to an "alternate payee" (usually the former spouse) the right to receive all or a portion of retirement plan benefits payable to a "participant" (employee). A North Carolina QDRO or QDRO North Carolina is also used to collect alimony and/or child support payments. A QDRO is a technical legal document which should be drafted only by an experienced, licensed attorney and signed by the judge assigned to your case.

When do I need a QDRO?

You need a QDRO if you and/or your spouse have money in a retirement plan and you are separating from your spouse, are in the process of getting divorced, or are already divorced. The sooner you get the QDRO form drafted and signed by the judge the better.

Why do I need a QDRO?

You need a North Carolina QDRO or QDRO North Carolina in order to become legally entitled to your share of money in your spouse's retirement plan(s). Mere mention of a dollar amount in your divorce decree will not suffice, even if the judge signs it. In order for your interests to be protected, you must have a signed QDRO with no fewer than 11 specific legal requirements. This is the bare minimum. Mr. Beutler may use up to 30 additional provisions in the QDRO to protect your specific needs, depending on what benefits, rights, and features are included in the retirement plan. Each plan is different. For example, government and military plans have other requirements that differ from a standard North Carolina QDRO or QDRO North Carolina.

Mr. Beutler prepares QDROs for all types of entities, both public and private. It is impossible to list all of the private entities for which he has prepared QDROs, but the following is a list of several public state or local government QDROs or DROs that he has prepared:

Public Retirement Plans

  • North Carolina Retirement System

  • Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement Plan

  • Local Governmental Employees' Retirement Plan

  • Legislative Retirement Plan

  • Firemen's and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund

  • Consolidated Judicial Retirement Plan

  • State Law Enforcement Officers' Retirement Plan

  • Local Law Enforcement Officers' Retirement Plan

  • County Retirement Plans

  • City Retirement Plans

  • 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans

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